Sunday, June 17, 2007

Cellulite myths & misconceptions

Cellulite is caused by diet: There is no evidence that any particular diet composition (including the amount of fluid you drink) leads to cellulite or can help prevent it. Of course, any diet that makes you gain weight will make your cellulite more prominent. However, if you do not have cellulite, simply gaining weight will not cause cellulite to appear.

Cellulite occurs only in women: This is not a complete myth in the sense that women are much more prone to cellulite than men. However, men can develop cellulite and a small percentage of them do. Notably, men with abnormally low testosterone levels develop cellulite almost as frequently as women, indicating a hormonal connection.

Exercise prevents or reverses cellulite: Exercise has no effect on cellulite. If exercise helps you lose weight, your cellulite will become less visible because improperly packaged fat will not protrude as much. However, exercise will not affect connective tissue defects, which are the key abnormality in cellulite.

Liposuction is an effective cellulite treatment: More often than not, liposuction is ineffective as a primary cellulite treatment because the main abnormality in cellulite is a connective tissue defect, not excessive or abnormal fat. In fact, liposuction sometimes makes the appearance of cellulite worse.

Only overweight people develop cellulite: Cellulite develops in people of any weight, including very slim ones. Gaining weight may make cellulite more prominent but it does not create it.

Only old people develop cellulite: Cellulite development can begin are early as teen years. However, cellulite does tend to progress with age.

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